Over 80+ handcrafted soy spell candles

Find an intention candle for just about every need. All of our candles are handmade with 100% soy wax, sustainably-sourced wooden wicks, biodegradable glitter, non-toxic dyes or fragrances (when fragranced) and eco-friendly herbal ingredients.

Have peace of mind knowing what’s in your witchcraft; eco-consciously curated, and hand-poured in the Pacific Northwest. Plus- every purchase supports wolfdogs at our Black Moon Wolfdog Sanctuary!

I'm Mētztli wolf

Pronounced “mehtz-tlee”, my pronouns are they/them. I am an International Psychic, Spirit Medium, Evolutionary Astrologer, Hoodoo Rootworker, & Paranormal expert.

Originally from the SF Bay Area, I’m a Queer, Black, Indigenous, Non-binary, Disabled person of color, now living with a pack of wolfdogs in the PNW.

And I’m the witch behind all things Revolutionary Mystic, as well as the founder of Black Moon Wolfdog Sanctuary.

Connect with me on social media, watch tutorial videos, follow my adventures with witchcraft and wolfdogs, and become a part of my global community!

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candle spell subscription delivery

$25 a month gets you 3 new spell candles shipped to your address every 3 months. Available in the US only. Sign up for our most popular offering on Patreon, and support the wolfpack.

Psychic Reading

Get messages from your Spirit Guides during a live phone or video chat reading! Receive clarity & gentle, yet practical guidance so you can move forward on your path with confidence.

Astrology Reading

What does your birth time, date and location say about you? Discover what you came here to do. Learn how to work with the planets in your chart to break through blocks & create success with more ease.

Candle Altar Service

Can’t burn a candle spell at your house? Have a need for discretion or privacy? Let a Rootworker do it for you! Includes a 7-day candle of your choice with a custom petition and email reading with results and guidance.
“Mētztli is amazing and kind. I’ve had a few readings from them and they always hit the nail on the head. Sometimes before getting a reading from Mētztli I feel like I’m standing on uneven ground and feel quite wobbly. I don’t even know what to ask, things just come out of my mouth and Mētztli makes sense of it. They validates my experiences and thoughts, and that gives me strength to continue with my goals. …I am a better healer because of them.”
Mariela Magana

“I had the most AMAZING reading today. The information I got was exactly what I needed and gave me the guidance on what I needed to do next. I have had other readings in the past, but I must say I was blown away by this one. I highly recommend anyone to get a reading, and I will be spreading the word. Thank you again!“
Janelyn Brewer-Naylor

“Therapeutic to the depths of my soul and much needed for inspiration in my journey. I had an extremely clarifying and gratifying experience going over my Karmic Destiny based on my astrological chart. Now I have a full understanding of why I’ve been through certain lessons and where my spirit guides are helping me go with these lessons. Thanks to someone who is fluent in the language of astrology I feel confident in my path and choices.”
Jessica Angelo


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