Mētztli Alexandria

Psychic Medium, Hoodoo Rootworker, Astrologer & Paranormal Investigator
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Get answers, clarity and direction for your unique path so you can live your best life.

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Psychic abilities, divination, esoteric wisdom, Hoodoo conjuration, or spiritual practices & more, I’m available to speak or teach from my unique intersection of diversity & professional skill set.
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Receive answers & guidance from anywhere, hear what your Spirit Guides have to say & get a remote Psychic reading today.

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Illuminate your soul’s intentions, learn how to better navigate karmic lessons & Divine timing with a remote Evolutionary Astrology reading.

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A fun, free & inclusive community of radical witches exploring intersectional feminism & mysticism.

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What Does Revolutionary Mystic Mean?

My name is Mētztli Alexandria, Revolutionary Mystic is my business, a community & emergent strategy that I’ve been building from prior evolutions since 2012. The name was a clairaudient message sent from my Ancestors & Spirit Guides in 2018, delivered after realizing it’s my turn to continue their work, and honor their name blessing.

Here I do what I love as a radical Psychic, Astrologer, teacher & speaker, answering my calling by helping others with my gifts. I use my platform to disrupt and dismantle dominant spiritual culture by creating narratives from my unique intersection of diversity . I invite you to join me here in shifting the paradigm, it’s time to awaken to your inner Revolutionary Mystic and HOWL LOUDER.

Do Psychic readings work if I’m not physically there with you?
Yes! Reading Psychic energy does not require physical presence & is equally effective. This is how I get to work with people all over the world!
Can you tell me my future? I want to know if/when something will happen for certain.
Nope! The future’s NOT set in stone, people have free will & choice. The best any Psychic can do is “forecast” energy, much like the weather.
What if the tarot cards or my spirit guides have bad or scary news? I’m afraid of readings.
There’s nothing to fear, you will receive messages that support your highest growth, healing & happiness. That’s what spirit guides are for! No reading is ever doom & gloom.
So, you’re a bruja..what’s that? Do you worship the devil?
Bruja (or Brujx) means witch. I practice Hoodoo, am deeply spiritual, but not religious. I don’t worship the devil, but I do love rock and roll! 😉
What does “radical bruja” mean?
It means that my personal morality & voice are “politically far left” or “radical”. I practice intersectional anarcha feminism, believe in social & racial equity, & am here to dismantle the kyriarchy. (You’re still gonna have to google stuff, haha!)

About Me

My name is Mētztli Alexandria, my pronouns are they/them. I am a Queer Black, Indigenous Person of Color who is neurodivergent, and a survivor living with chronic illness and CPTSD.

I’m also a Psychic Medium, Evolutionary Astrologer, Hoodoo Rootworker & radical Bruja. I come from a unique history of adversity, trauma, ancestral wounds and healing. My story is different from what you see in the spiritual mainstream, and so is my mission.

My life, and being of service as a spiritual worker is about helping others reclaim autonomy, agency of our psychic abilities, ancestral magic, and redefining healing and success for ourselves. I don’t believe everything “happens for a reason”, but I do believe we can channel purpose through whatever life throws our way…

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What My Clients Are Saying

“Mētztli is amazing and kind. I’ve had a few readings from them and they always hit the nail on the head. Sometimes before getting a reading from Mētztli I feel like I’m standing on uneven ground and feel quite wobbly. I don’t even know what to ask, things just come out of my mouth and Mētztli makes sense of it. They validates my experiences and thoughts, and that gives me strength to continue with my goals. …I am a better healer because of them.”
Mariela Magana

“I had the most AMAZING reading today. The information I got was exactly what I needed and gave me the guidance on what I needed to do next. I have had other readings in the past, but I must say I was blown away by this one. I highly recommend anyone to get a reading, and I will be spreading the word. Thank you again!“
Janelyn Brewer-Naylor

“Therapeutic to the depths of my soul and much needed for inspiration in my journey. I had an extremely clarifying and gratifying experience going over my Karmic Destiny based on my astrological chart. Now I have a full understanding of why I’ve been through certain lessons and where my spirit guides are helping me go with these lessons. Thanks to someone who is fluent in the language of astrology I feel confident in my path and choices.”
Jessica Angelo

Popular Offerings

Email Tarot Reading

A very popular option that is quick, easy and affordable! Get one question answered via email or Facebook Messenger, typically within 1-2 business days for only $39!

Live Psychic Reading

Get messages from your Spirit Guides during a live phone reading! Receive clarity & gentle, yet practical guidance so you can move forward on your path with confidence.

Astrology Reading

Illuminate the karmic path of your soul, discover what you came here to do. Learn how to work with the planets in your chart to break through blocks & create success with more ease.

Candle Altar Service

Can’t burn a candle spell at your house? Have a need for discretion or privacy? Let a Rootworker do it for you! Includes a 7-day candle of your choice with a custom petition and email reading with results and guidance.
It’s time to

Revolutionize Spiritual Culture.

Dominant spiritual narratives are rife with unpacked privilege, culture stealing and colonialist harm. Mainstream culture gaslights and stigmatizes Indigenous ways and wisdoms. Our intuition and spiritual practices are meant to serve us, not ostracize us and it’s time we take that back.

I’m here to share what authentic, flawed spirituality looks like. Why spiritual autonomy, radical intuition and ancestral wisdom are essential to our vitality. Through equitable representation we can normalize the vast diversity of our spiritual experiences.

I speak as a psychic medium, a mystic, a survivor living with CPTSD, and a Queer Black Indigenous woman of color with chronic illness who strives to continue the work of her ancestors. I’m a conduit for the truth, advocating for an underrepresented path… the revolutionary mystic.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Path Today!