Psychic Readings

Psychic readings, evidential mediumship and astrology readings by phone or video chat with Mētztli Wolf.

I'm Mētztli

People say that I make them feel the safest to be their most vulnerable, authentic selves. And that I inspire them to be daring, to make bold moves in life toward what aligns with their heart and values. I believe them, it's been that way since I was a psychic kid, giving the adults around me the messages and guidance they needed to hear. I was born this way, "gifted for the work" as the Ancestors say.

We are all walking each other home, and it's my highest honor to be part of your journey. I'm happy to walk with you, offering tools and skills I've learned along the way, as well as deliver messages from Source you may be ready to hear. Wopila tanka.

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  • Psychic Readings

    Get clear, confidential insight and release your anxiety with grounded spiritual guidance, and practical advice. Hear what your spirit guides have to say, ask questions that tug at your soul, so you can move forward confidently!

  • Astrology Readings

    Illuminate the brilliance of your natal chart. With Evolutionary Astrology, Mētztli will reveal your strengths, challenges, and destiny. Unlock the magic from your past lives and prepare for future evolutions.

  • Evidential Mediumship

    Wish to hear from a departed loved one? Or witness the miracle that is continuity of life? Mētztli brings forth evidence from the other side to prove spirit communication and deliver healing messages.

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Frequently asked questions about readings

Where do I start?

Which type of reading should I get?

While I can't tell you which option is best for you, I can tell you that you can't make a bad selection.

If this is your first reading, perhaps start with a psychic reading if you have questions about your path. Or if you want to hear about the energetic makings of who you are and what you came to do in this lifetime, try an astrology reading.

Will I hear bad or scary things? Is getting a reading evil?

Don't worry, every good psychic reader will tell you that your reading will focus on gentle, constructive truth, so you can make informed decisions and choose a positive path. We are here to uplift and support you to be happy and find joy!

Getting a reading is not evil. It's like having a check in with your spirit guides, angels and/or ancestors.

Can you talk to a dead person for me?

Yes. Only with consent and only during spirit communication or mediumship readings. I typically do not work with the deceased during psychic or astrology readings.

Are you going to tell me my future?

Not necessarily. The future, like time itself, is transient and constantly changing based upon our actions in the present.

I can tell you what I see from the present moment. Which energies are aligned with different paths you may choose. Or I'll tell you the energetic wave coming to you and its timing by looking at your astrology, then you decide how you react to it which determines the outcome.

Can you tell me about other people, their futures?

Yes and no. If it feels aligned or justified, I may read the other person's energy for you and be able to predict how they may respond in the future. But everyone has free will and personal choice, so they have the power to change as they please. I cannot guarantee what will happen between you and another person. The future holds constantly changing variables that we don't control.

What kind of questions should I ask during a reading?

I advise you ask whatever is most on your heart and mind. What your spirit desires to know the most.

Imagine you get to have a chat with your spirit guides, what would you want to know? What would be the most useful things to ask them?

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