About Mētztli

Meet the creator of Sacred Relatives Tarot, psychic medium and activist witch behind all things Revolutionary Mystic, and the founder and director of Black Moon Wolfdog Sanctuary: Mētztli Wolf.


Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, now a Pacific Northwest transplant, Mētztli (they/them) is a spiritual catalyst for positive change, a healer, visionary, and educator.

With an international clientele and a global community of ethical witches, they champion inclusivity, radical love, and acceptance.

As a Black, Indigenous (Oglala Lakota, Zacateca, N'De), Queer, 2-Spirit, Disabled individual, they offer a unique perspective rooted in radical spirituality, eco-anarchist praxis, and liberation.

Bringing a diverse skill set to the table, Mētztli draws from a background in social work, teaching, and caregiving to provide comprehensive support. They have pursued advanced spiritual studies at the Arthur Finlay College for Spiritualists and hold a license as a reverend. Mētztli's commitment to learning has led them to study under esteemed spiritual professionals like Rev. Erin-Ashley Kerti, Steven Forest, Mark Jones, Sharon Farber, Catherine Yronwode, and many others.

Mētztli believes we are here during times of great change for a reason and is dedicated to guiding you on your authentic path to spiritual fulfillment and liberation.