Souring Jar Spells: A Hoodoo Expert's DIY Guide

Souring Jar Spells: A Hoodoo Expert's DIY Guide

This spell guide and all my justified revenge spell workings are dedicated to my fellow Black and Indigenous practitioners and clients. We keep us safe.

Introduction to Souring Jar Spells

Hoodoo, a rich and diverse Black diaspora folk magic tradition, encompasses a variety of spellwork techniques. Among these is the Souring Jar spell, a potent method used to create negative conditions for a target. Rooted in the historical context of Black resilience and adaptation, Souring Jar spells harness the power of natural elements to influence the fortunes of individuals or entities in adverse ways.

Cultural Background of Souring Jar Spells

Hoodoo, often confused with Voodoo because of racist indoctrinations, is a distinct practice that originated among African American communities in the Southern United States. It blends African, Native American, and European magical traditions, shaped by the experiences of enslaved Africans and their descendants. Souring Jar spells, specifically, reflect the adaptive and resourceful nature of Hoodoo practitioners, who used everyday items to craft powerful magical tools. These spells serve as a means of self-defense, retribution, and justice in a world where legal and social systems often failed to protect them.

Conditions for Using Souring Jar Spells

Souring Jar spells are traditionally employed for various adverse purposes, such as:

  1. To Harm and Destroy Someone’s Business: This spell can be used to disrupt the financial stability and success of a rival business.
  2. To Cause Someone to Be Unsuccessful: Whether in personal or professional endeavors, this spell aims to bring misfortune and failure to the target.
  3. To Break Relationships: Souring Jar spells can sever ties between individuals, leading to conflict and estrangement.
  4. To Cause Illness or Misfortune: These spells can also be directed to bring physical or mental anguish to the target.

How to Make and Perform a Souring Jar Spell

Materials Needed:

  • A glass jar with a tight lid
  • Vinegar (the base for the souring effect)
  • Sharp objects (e.g., nails, pins, needles)
  • Personal concerns of the target (hair, nail clippings, photo, or a written name)
  • Hot peppers or pepper flakes
  • Black mustard seeds (to cause confusion and discord)
  • Poppy seeds (to add chaos and trouble)
  • Lemon (cut into wedges)
  • Black candle
  • Optional: dirt from a graveyard (for added potency)
  • In lieu of graveyard dirt, peppers and seeds mentioned above, our proprietary Hexing Blend contains all of that and more, packing a powerful punch!

Important note on graveyard dirt

In traditional Hoodoo, purchasing graveyard dirt from a reputable practitioner is essential because it ensures the dirt is sourced through proper ritual and from specific graves. (Another article for another time.)

Graveyard dirt is believed to carry the spiritual essence of the deceased, and the potency of this material depends on the spirit's qualities and the nature of their life and death. Obtaining dirt from the grave of a powerful or respected individual, such as a family ancestor or a well-regarded community member, enhances its effectiveness in spells and rituals.

A reputable Black Hoodoo practitioner understands the necessary rituals to honor and appease the spirits, ensuring that the graveyard dirt is ethically and powerfully sourced, thus maintaining the integrity and potency of Hoodoo practices.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Preparation:

    • Cleanse your working area and gather all the materials. Ensure you are in a calm and focused state of mind before beginning the spell. Ensure you won’t be disturbed. Some practitioners use protective measures, such as cleansing with sage or setting up protective wards.
  2. Creating the Jar:

    • Begin by placing the personal concerns of the target into the glass jar. This connects the jar directly to the individual you wish to affect.
    • Add sharp objects like nails, pins, and needles to symbolize the pain and harm you intend to bring.
    • Pour in vinegar to fill the jar about halfway. Vinegar's sour nature will metaphorically 'sour' the target’s life.
    • Add hot peppers or pepper flakes for added discomfort and irritation in the target’s life.
    • Sprinkle black mustard seeds and poppy seeds to create confusion, chaos, and discord.
    • Place the lemon wedges into the jar to intensify the souring effect.
  3. Sealing the Jar:

    • Once all the ingredients are inside, tightly seal the jar with its lid.
    • Hold the jar and focus on your intention. Visualize the negative effects you wish to manifest in the target’s life.
  4. Candle Magic:

    • Place the jar on a fireproof surface. Light the black candle and let some of the wax drip onto the lid of the jar, sealing it further.
    • As the candle burns, chant or pray over the jar, reinforcing your intentions.
  5. Deployment:

    • The final step involves placing the jar in a hidden location where it will not be disturbed. Some practitioners bury the jar in a graveyard or a place significant to the target. Traditionally, you might bury the jar in a place where the business owner or other target (depending on situation) might walk over it or in a location symbolic of destruction. Some practitioners may keep it in a dark place to let the negativity fester.
  6. Completion:

    • Allow the candle to burn out completely. Dispose of any remnants in a manner that feels appropriate to you, such as burying the wax near the jar.

In Hoodoo tradition, timing and spiritual reinforcement play crucial roles in enhancing the effectiveness of spellwork, including Souring Jar spells. The appropriate days of the week, times of day, and accompanying Psalms can significantly influence the outcome of your magical workings.

Days of the Week and Times of Day:

When it comes to working with Souring Jar spells, practitioners typically choose days associated with Mars or Saturn for their connections to conflict, disruption, and endings. Tuesday, ruled by Mars, is ideal for spells aimed at causing strife, discord, and warfare-like aggression in the target’s life. Saturday, ruled by Saturn, is suitable for spells that intend to bring about endings, blockages, and long-term hardship. Performing the spell during the waning moon phase, particularly when the moon is in a sign like Scorpio or Capricorn, further amplifies its baneful effects as this phase is associated with diminishing and banishing unwanted influences.

The time of day also matters. Conducting the spell at night, preferably after midnight, aligns with the natural energies of secrecy, darkness, and the unseen forces that support covert actions. The stillness and quiet of the night can help focus your intent and ensure your work remains hidden from prying eyes.

Accompanying Traditional Psalms:

Incorporating the recitation of Psalms into your spell work is a common practice in Hoodoo, blending Christian elements enslaved African ancestors were forced to participate in with their African spiritual traditions. As a non-Christian, modern practitioner and descendant of enslaved ancestors, I regard the book of psalms as simply a book of spells. Take a look individual psalms, imagine what type of spell it could be used for, you'll see what I mean.

The word "psalm" originates from the Greek word "psalmos," which means a song sung to the accompaniment of a harp or other stringed instrument. In Hebrew, the term "mizmor" is used, meaning a song of praise. Psalms are sacred songs or hymns, primarily found in the Book of Psalms in the Bible, and have been integral to Jewish and Christian worship for centuries, often used in Hoodoo practices for their spiritual and protective powers.

For Souring Jar spells, Psalm 109 is often used. Known as the “Cursing Psalm,” it invokes divine justice and retribution against one’s enemies. Reciting Psalm 109 over your Souring Jar while focusing on your intention can invoke spiritual support for your cause. Here is an excerpt from Psalm 109 that can be particularly effective:

“Set thou a wicked man over him: and let Satan stand at his right hand. When he shall be judged, let him be condemned: and let his prayer become sin.”

Additionally, Psalm 7 is sometimes used for invoking divine justice and protection against adversaries. It calls upon divine forces to deliver justice and can be chanted to reinforce the spell’s intent:

“O Lord my God, in thee do I put my trust: save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me.”

By aligning your Souring Jar spell with the appropriate days, times, and Psalms, you harness a deeper layer of spiritual power, enhancing the spell’s effectiveness.

Essential Considerations

Souring Jar spells are a testament to the enduring and adaptable nature of Hoodoo. While they are powerful tools for causing disruption and misfortune, they should be used with caution and ethical consideration. Understanding the cultural roots and the intricate process of these spells can deepen one's appreciation of Hoodoo's rich tradition and the resourcefulness of its practitioners.

Note: This article is for educational purposes only. The use of Souring Jar spells, like all magical practices, carries ethical and karmic considerations. Use with discernment and respect for the tradition and its Black spiritual origins. Schedule a spell consultation with a BLACK professional Hoodoo practitioner before attempting.


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