Lupercalia Unveiled: From Wolves to Whips, Love's Ancient Rendezvous

Lupercalia Unveiled: From Wolves to Whips, Love's Ancient Rendezvous

In the heart of February, as roses and chocolates take center stage, let's rewind the clock to ancient Rome's wild and woolly celebration of love: Lupercalia. Originating from the Latin lupus (wolf), Lupercalia was a 3-day festival dedicated to fertility, cleansing, and a dash of untamed romance. Typically celebrated annually on February 13-15th.

Wolves, Goats, and Whips: The Original Love Story In the Lupercalian tale, priests, known as Luperci, would gather at the sacred cave where Rome's legendary founders, Romulus and Remus, were suckled by a she-wolf. Sacrificing a goat and a dog, they'd anoint themselves with the blood and, armed with strips of goat hide, playfully lash women and crop fields. Believe it or not, being touched by these whips was considered a fertility blessing!

Lupercalia Today: From Whips to Wooing Fast forward to the present day, and Lupercalia has shed some of its fur but retained its spirit. While the traditional whippings have gracefully retired, the celebration of love endures. Modern Lupercalians might exchange handwritten notes or perform random acts of kindness, embracing the festival's essence of passion and connection. Or if you're into traditions, a consensual impact-play scene using a whip, flogger or other implement, with your partner(s) might be the modern adaptation to suit your kinks.

Celebrating Lupercalia 2.0 Want to infuse a bit of Lupercalian charm into your modern celebrations? Consider writing love letters, engaging in acts of self-love, or even planning a spontaneous or out of the bedroom. Lupercalia is all about the untamed, unpredictable nature of love – the kind that transcends time and traditions.

So, this February, as you ponder over heart-shaped cards and decadent desserts, take a moment to tip your hat to Lupercalia, the OG love festival that proves, like a fine wine, love only gets better with age. And a lil' spontaneity and kink can help keep the flames of passion alive as love ages, if you're into that. 

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