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Ignite Your Intentions with Spell Candles: A Beginner's Guide

Do you want to manifest your desires and intentions effectively? Are you curious about the world of spell candles but don't know where to start? Look no further! In this comprehensive beginner's guide, we will explore the transformative power of spell candles and how they can help you create positive changes in your life.

But first, let's understand what spell candles are and their significance in the history of magic.

What are spell candles?

Spell candles are candles that are specifically used in rituals and spellwork to manifest or materialize your intentions. They have been a part of various magical practices for centuries, crossing cultural and religious boundaries.

The history of spell candles dates back to ancient civilizations, where candles were seen as a way to connect with the divine and harness spiritual energy. Different cultures and traditions have used candles to represent the element of fire and its transformative power.

Today, spell candles come in various types and colors, each with its own symbolic meaning and correspondences.

Types of spell candles

There are different types of spell candles available, each associated with specific intentions and outcomes. Some common types include:

Chime candles: These small candles are commonly used in rituals and spellwork. They are usually one solid color and burn for a shorter duration.

Pillar candles: These candles are thicker and taller, providing a longer burn time. They are often used for more extended rituals or intentions that require a sustained focus.

Taper candles: Taper candles are slender and elegant. They are frequently used in ceremonies and rituals that involve invoking spiritual beings or connecting with higher energies.

Figure candles: Usually from 3d molds of an effigy of a deity, or an object symbolizing the target of a spell. Ex: a skull, heart, lucky horseshoe, or goddess

Glass encased candles: Similar to the uses of all the above mentioned, glass encased candles have a specific intention depicted on their label and are burned for longer periods of time. Unique to glass encased candles, the variety of intentions available are extensive, allowing you to be more specific. Ex: Love Drawing vs Sacred Union for marriage. Glass encased candles tend to leave no mess, and have many markers post-use for you to divine their outcome with.

Choosing the right spell candle for your intention

When selecting a spell candle, it's essential to consider the color symbolism associated with it. Different colors represent different intentions and outcomes. Here are some common color correspondences:

Red: Love, passion, courage, protection, sexual desire

Green: Abundance, fertility, growth, luck, progress

Blue: Calm, communication, healing, warding off evil eye, peace

Purple: Power, control, influence, intuition, psychic abilities, seduction, occult

White: Purity, cleansing, spiritual guidance, clarity, universal use

Black: Removal, banishing, repelling, uncrossing, reversing, hexing, cursing, death

Orange: Inspiration, clearing energy, removing blocks, creativity

Yellow: Opportunity, happiness, friendship, success

Pink: Unconditional love, courtship, romance, affection, infatuation

Grey: Justice, neutrality, balance, fairness, wisdom, discernment

Brown: Ancestors, grounding, lost objects, education

Rainbow: full spectrum healing, light frequency, inclusion, queerness, chakras

Once you have chosen your desired spell candle, it's time to set your intentions.

Setting intentions

Understanding the power of intention is crucial when working with spell candles. Your intentions guide the energy you put into your rituals and spellwork, making them essential for manifestation.

Take some time to clarify your intentions and be specific about what you want to achieve. Writing affirmations or spells can help you focus and provide a clear roadmap for your spellwork.

Remember, the energy you put into your intentions will directly influence the energy that manifests in your life. I find that setting intentions with the caveat of "this or something better" is helpful for opening yourself up to your highest potential.

Preparing for your spell

Before you begin your candle ritual, it's important to prepare the space and gather the necessary materials.

Start by cleansing and purifying your space. You can use techniques such as smoke cleansing or using cleansing sprays to remove any negative or stagnant energy. As well as wiping down your altar space with a citrus based cleansing spray.

Next, gather the items you need for your spell, including your chosen spell candle, herbs, oils, crystals, or any other symbolic objects that align with your intentions.

Create a sacred space by setting up an altar or a dedicated space where you can perform your spellwork. Try to incorporate each of the 4 elements on your altar with symbolic representation. Ex: a chalice for water, a feather or incense for air, candle for fire, and pertinent crystals for earth. This will help you create a focused and ritualistic atmosphere.

Performing the spell

Now that you're ready to perform your spell, consider the timing and day that aligns with your intentions. Some people choose specific phases of the moon or planetary alignments to enhance the energy of their spells.

Light your spell candle and recite your affirmations or spells. Visualize your intentions clearly and feel the energy building within you. You can also meditate on your desires and visualize them manifesting in your life.

Take your time to focus your energy and stay present in the moment. The more you connect with your intentions, the stronger the energy you will channel into your spell.

Closing the spell

As you near the end of your spell, it's important to close it properly and ground your energy.

Thank the universe, your Ancestors, or any higher power you believe in for their guidance and assistance in your spellwork. Express gratitude for the energy that has been harnessed, and perhaps leave an offering on your altar in thanks.

Snuff out the spell candle, symbolizing the completion of your ritual. Take a moment to ground yourself by feeling your connection to the earth beneath you.

Aftercare and maintenance

Your spell doesn't end with the completion of the ritual. It's important to care for your spell candle and reflect on your intentions.

Cleanse and care for your spell candles by removing any residual wax or debris. Be sure to properly dispose of, recycle, or repurpose your glass.

Reflect on your intentions regularly and assess any changes or manifestations in your life. You may choose to repeat or modify your spell as needed. Note: it is very common to repeat a spell more than once to achieve desired results or something better.

Common questions and misconceptions

Let's address some common questions and misconceptions surrounding spell candles:

Are spell candles associated with witchcraft? Spell candles are often associated with witchcraft, but they can be used by anyone, regardless of their spiritual or religious beliefs.

Can anyone use spell candles? Yes, anyone can use spell candles as long as they approach the practice with respect and intention.

What if my intentions don't manifest? Sometimes, intentions may not manifest in the exact way we expect. Trust in the process and remain open to different outcomes.

Is it safe to leave a spell candle unattended? It's generally not recommended to leave a candle unattended. Always practice fire safety and ensure you extinguish the candle before leaving the room.


Spell candles are powerful tools that can help you manifest your intentions and create positive changes in your life. Remember to set clear intentions, choose the right candles, and create a sacred space for your rituals. Follow ethical considerations and practice fire safety when working with spell candles. With practice and dedication, you can ignite your intentions and harness the transformative energy of spell candles to manifest your desires effectively.

For more information on spell candles and other magical practices, visit our website revolutionarymystic.com. Happy manifesting!

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