Hello, my relatives of the 4 directions,

I write to you now from my busted thrift store couch in Santa Rosa, California, with tears relentlessly streaming down my face. Sniffling as I try to find the words for the pain I feel in my heart. I have a Capricorn moon, I hate crying, especially publicly, my style is to hide my sensitivity from the world, but not today. I caught myself repressing a BIG emotion because it’s so big I’m afraid of what effect it will have on my mind, body, and spirit. Ever felt a heartbreak so deep you can’t swallow, air knocked out of your lungs every time the thought punches you in the gut, and the only thing that sounds remotely reasonable to do is to wail, loudly? That’s me today and will be me every day that passes that I can’t do anything to stop this heartache.

Yesterday, began the killing of 90% of Idaho’s grey wolf population. 90%. HEART. ACHE.

You see, I follow a lot of wolf sanctuaries and conservation groups who are out there fighting the silent war against our sacred animal relatives. So know that as a psychic, medium and overall highly sensitive person, my heart hit the floor when images of piles of lifeless wolf bodies and proud white hunters found me scrolling my Instagram feed. I can’t unsee it, my heart hurts and I can’t-not do something about it. This is why I need your help.

Social capital is one of the only abundant resources I have as a multi-marginalized person with a social media platform. So let’s spend my privilege wisely, eh?

Here are some direct actions you can take RIGHT NOW to help #savethewolves:

Idaho plans to kill 90% of it’s population of 900 wolves, here’s why that’s a problem you care about:

Without healthy wolf populations, ecosystems are thrown out of balance. Wolves are keystone predators, their role as apex animals define entire ecosystems. Wolves as keystone predators not only naturally control populations further down the food chain, but they are also naturally self-controlling populations. So there’s no reason to hunt or “cull” wolves to “control populations” or “protect livestock”, nature already built that into their divine order. Saving wolves means also saving fragile and complex ecosystems on which thousands of species rely—while also conserving an important piece of our national heritage. And all of this, impacts you and me and the hellscape that is our current climate crisis. Which, by the way, is worse than we anticipated, new studies find. The last thing we need to add to this modern colonial dumpster fire is more rapidly collapsing ecosystems. So, we need to save the wolves, like, yesterday.

Y’all. You know it’s real serious when David Attenborough says “We cannot be radical enough.” in this situation.

Wolves are vital. Not vicious.

When I say I’m passionate about wolves as much as I am about being a spiritual worker, I mean it. All I want to do is use my gifts to leave this world a better place, leverage my small business to support other witches of color, and spend as many of my years I can devoted to my own wolf sanctuary as possible. Imagine, one day you can visit me on Afro-Native owned land, check out the wolf sanctuary, attend a live witchy workshop, get a reading with me, learn about and meet wolves, picnic in my garden and then see my Hoodoo Botánica in the flesh. All in one spot, a sanctuary that YOU helped make happen. Need some inspiration? Here’s one of my all-time favorite videos. Hopefully, it will bring a lil’ sunshine to you about this otherwise bleak situation, and a sense of urgency.

Together we are making the Revolutionary Mystic Wolf Sanctuary a dream come true

Did you know that when you support me, Mētztli Wolf, and Revolutionary Mystic, you’re supporting a future for wolves? Not only that, but think about it. Wildlife sanctuaries and preservations are damn near all owned, run, and operated by more privileged white people. Wouldn’t it be incredible for a Black Indigenous 2Spirit Disabled Queer to own land and run a wolf sanctuary? That’s restorative justice I want to claim for my ancestors. There’s a reason why people like me don’t often have the opportunity to live their calling, we are too busy trying to survive. BIPOC like me can’t afford to buy a car, or a house, let alone land and build a wolf sanctuary. My disabled ass is no different, I’m a marginalized xennial try to create a miracle amidst a late-stage capitalism dystopia. That’s why your support here matters. This isn’t going to happen unless a whole lot more people support Revolutionary Mystic to make this a reality while overcoming adversity and barriers before me.

But I know we can do it, we create change and are part of the revolution every day. Our global community of Revolutionary Mystics witches is making waves of change that create ripples touching every corner of the globe. See it in action for yourself, join our Facebook group (if you haven’t already!). In addition to being revolutionary and creating equity, we share raunchy astrology memes, radical witch hot-takes, and actually connect with and support one another…you know, like ya’ would in real life!

And if you wanna start a wolf sanctuary with me, here’s how you can:

Support my work on Patreon

Make a one-time donation

Shop my Hoodoo Botánica

Book a reading, reserve event spots, or take classes with Métztli Wolf

Share Revolutionary Mystic with others! Don’t let us stay a best-kept secret 😉

If you’ve read this far, thank you for being part of the solution!

I know how busy most of us are, so thank you for caring enough to read this and (hopefully) choose to DO something to help. This is how evil in the world wants us to be, too busy to do anything about their destruction, our oppression, too overwhelmed by all the crisis and hardship of today. It’s easy to leave it up to someone else to take care of, to not be able to decide where to start, to be so desensitized that genuine crimes on humanity read like another sentence on the smartphones we’re addicted to scrolling through. I do it too. That’s why it’s part of my spiritual practice to disrupt that evil as often as I can. And if it’s too much for you to do on your own to make it a part of yours, do it with me, with the thousands of Revolutionary Mystics around the globe. We deserve better, all of us. You. Me. The wolves. The living being we call home, earth.

Please, spread & share this article like wildfire. Act with a sense of urgency like our futures depends on it because they do. And thank you for being responsible (able to respond) to the sacredness of our interconnected existence. That, in and of itself, is revolutionary.

Mētztli Wolf

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