Do you feel uneasy when you see the word “hexing”?

Does the idea give you the feeling that even thinking about performing a hex might be “doing something bad”? Might make you a “bad witch”. You’re not alone. Those are white supremacist, patriarchal narratives that we’ve inherited from generations of dominant culture conditioning. Gross, right? What’s worse is that none of us are exempt from this indoctrination. Myself included. Let me explain…

My first experience learning and practicing witchcraft was Wiccan, which was created by white folks, therefore for white folks too. I mean, it was the 90’s and that’s literally the only type of witchy books I could find at the local library! So the Wiccan “rule of 3” aka what you put out there, you get back threefold, evoked fear of punishment if I strayed from feel-good spells.

Even when I became a Hoodoo Rootworker apprentice, I told folks that I as a practitioner “didn’t do dark magic” personally nor professionally. And if I’m really honest, lots of the shady culture appropriating white people in my Hoodoo community at the time who did do “dark magic” made it seem even less appealing.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was repulsed by their colonialism and that I too was seeing “dark magic” through a colonialist lens.

At that point, my entire spiritual framework was through a colonial lens. I was on that manifesting, love and light only, law of attraction, high vibe light worker nonsense. (Sorry, not sorry.) The Secret was my jam! It hadn’t yet occurred to me that all of these things were constructs of systems I despise, constructs that actively oppress me and my people. Patriarchy, Capitalism, Misogyny and White Supremacy.

Once I saw that the shadow side of New Age “love & light”, toxic positivity culture is that it feeds complacency, cognitive dissonance, “depolitical” behavior and ultimately the genocide agenda, I decided it was time to #decolonize my spirituality by recentering Indigenous practices & beliefs.

Fuck. I too had inadvertently built a temple to the fucking man himself, and the “goddess” I ignorantly was giving reverence to was white feminism herself. By practicing the rhetoric of their indoctrination I was contributing to my own oppression (and the oppression of others) in the forms of touting toxic-positivity, spiritual-bypassing, subtle gaslighting and all the other covert forms of enwhitenment.

And it’s probably the later, not the former.

New Age spirituality does not serve marginalized identities.

It’s not intersectional and contributes to erasure by insisting that we rob ourselves of our full human experiences as folks living with marginalized identities by suggesting we white-wash our lived truths to “stay in alignment”.

If you think about it, makes sense right? People in positions of power create “spiritual” rhetoric that serves them while giving the people they depend on for their power the illusion of empowerment, and at the end of the day, they collect the checks for all the spiritual books, workshops & webinars we consume.

When matters of systemic poverty are regarded as “lack consciousness” and the “solution” is to shift into an abundant vibration by thinking positive thoughts, I call bullshit when that dogma is spewed from someone who the system belongs to, benefits and is upheld by. That’s not spirituality, that’s propaganda. That’s gaslighting, victim-blaming. That’s abuse. It’s also racist and classist.

So what does this have to do with hexing? Everything. White supremacy and patriarchy have hated witchcraft since day 1. Why? Because people in power don’t want the people they’d like to oppress and enslave to have any power. Plus they were scared, so scared that my Black and Indigenous ancestors were slaughtered for and continue to be prohibited from practicing their native spiritual practices by our oppressors. Instead, we’ve been force-fed Christianity under the guise of “being saved” when really those crusades were just classic white saviorism, which is a form of genocide. This kind of terrorism lead my Black and Native ancestors to veil their indigenous practices with Christianity, thus creating what we know to be Hoodoo, and also caused them to practice in secret for fear of their lives being taken by the settlers.

Dominant culture due to widespread Eurocentric narratives like Christianity, Catholicism and global anti-blackness has historically attributed witchcraft to being inherently evil, mischief, the devil’s work and almost always casts the witches as women. Why? Because powerful people bent the gospel of their god to serve their agenda; white supremacy.

Those narratives created a polarity eventually leading to the good witch and the bad witch tropes, which ultimately serve both misogyny and white supremacy. “Good witch” narratives display characteristics attributing to: whiteness, or proximity to whiteness, subservience, exceptionalism, passivity, and Eurocentric beauty standards. Think: Glenda the Good Witch, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, the 3 Fairy Godmother’s in Sleeping Beauty and the 90’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Samantha from Bewitched etc. Now don’t get it twisted, some of these are nostalgic guilty pleasures of mine and I’m not condemning them so much as using them as examples of dominant culture narratives. Each of these feed into the wholesome, good “white” witch archetype if you pay attention to their motives and who their stories vilify.

#theshadeofitall lol!

Bad witches are even easier to identify because we’ve been conditioned to easily spot so we can shame, blame and villify their attributes in ourselves as well as others. The Wicked Witch of the West, Maleficent, Rochelle from The Craft, Elvira, The Witches of Eastwick, Calypso in Pirates of the Caribbean, Nancy of The Craft, Prudence of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Queenie and Marie Laveau in American Horror Story: Coven, etc.

Prudence is my fucking *favorite*.

All of these witches carry some combination of the following attributes: rebellion against the status quo, wielding power, anger, a thirst for vengeance, Blackness, sexual ownership, heaux magic, and misandry etc. All of these things are counter the white supremacist patriarchal dominant culture. Many of these “bad” witches you might even say, practice “dark magic” and perform things like hexes, curses & crossing spells! Oh my!

The fact that marginalized identities exist, that the statistics of our vastly disproportionate disparities exist as i.e. Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, Disabled, Neurodivergent, undocumented, fat, Non-binary etc folks, are proof enough that our “justice system” and government structure aren’t serving the majority. It serves the wealthy, cis-het white minority. The systems in place to protect and serve the people and deliver justice are inequitable, they’re failing us on purpose. This is modern genocide.

So many of us feel hopeless or helpless, which is hella valid. What can we do within a system that’s designed for our destruction? As a Hoodoo Rootworker actively working on decolonizing those structures within myself, I’ve embraced that the remedy always lies within my ancestral ways. And guess what? Suffice it to say, I am a Rootworker and I perform justified hexes. My ancestors threw tricks, cursed folks, put hexes upon them that still continue to be effective! Ever watch Dead Files? Just about every other episode is a white homeowner finding out that their property is haunted AF because Black Indigenous ancestors placed a justified curse or an elemental entity to wreak havoc there in an act of retribution.

We cannot count on the justice system to deliver justice, or the system to uphold equity, it’s not their true agenda. And that’s why our Black, Indigenous ancestors took matters into their own hands, the best way they knew how. That’s why I refuse to “healing love & light” my way into complicity. Hexes and our power as witches are a gift we inherited from our ancestors. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be shamed away from creating equity where there’s none.

Why have all this power if not to use it for good?

This is why we MUST hex white supremacy, the patriarchy. This is why we must bind named politicians from causing further harm. We exist on colonized territory because we bring balance to everywhere we go. We decolonize every room we walk into. And our magic does the same to everything it touches.

Witchcraft is and always has been a feminist practice. It’s time to drop the “good witch” trope, pick up our wands, light our candles, shake our jars and hex the fuck out those who’d rather see us stand idly by, afraid to use our powerful craft against them for the sake of being viewed as “good” on their terms while they continue to strip us of our humanity and rights.

“I’d rather be burned as a witch, than never be burned at all”

Eartha Kitt

June 3rd I’m hosting the first ever FREE live group New Moon ritual in the Revolutionary Mystics Facebook Group we will be hexing politicians by name who stand against reproductive justice.

Every time we wield our power equitably and wage it against the patriarchy, we are practicing intersectional feminist witchcraft. I hope you’ll join us in hexing the patriarchy. Together we are their worst nightmare, witches.

Join the group & save the date, witches!

Need Hexing supplies? I got you!


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