In episode 08 Alexis P. Morgan, a Queer, Disabled, Afro-Indigenous, anarcho-communist matriarchist, sorceress and writer chats with Mētztli all about growing up adopted, living as a neuro-expansive witch, reclaiming Judaism, finding Lucifer, spills the tea about her public falling out with another famous anti-racist writer, healing from harm caused by another BIPOC, their new projects and much more! Read more about Alexis & support her work, visit

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Show Notes:

2:22 We meet Alexis P. Morgan, a Queer, Disabled, Afro-Indigenous, anarcho-communist matriarchist, sorceress, writer and artist.

5:55 Alexis discusses their multiple adoptions, childhood interest in Autism and growing up as undiagnosed autistic person.

17:30 Alexis and Mētztli discuss their personal astrology and communicating with neurotypical people as a neurodiverse person.

21:44 A fun discussion of personal special interests: “The witchin’ and the craftin”, Semiotics, Music, Art and Collage, Politics. Alexis covers their family history and experience of political activism including The Black Panthers and other community organizers. They discuss de-constructing their relationship with politics on social media.

24:58 Alexis spills the tea about the falling out between them and another famous anti-racist writer. They reflect on how it has affected them as a leader and determining what their goals are.

40:00 Mētztli and Alexis discuss “righteous anger” and whether most “social justice warriors” are in service to liberation or being influenced by Capitalism to harm others for proximity to whiteness and capital.

46:40 Alexis talks about how a Sonya Renee Taylor video about being “wired to love” helped them recognize themself and has allowed greater acceptance of their own joys being public.

52:33 Alexis’ journey to embracing their art and community leadership through spirituality versus intellectual political theory and social justice writing.

57:55 Alexis discusses their relationship with magic, Voodoo and Luciferian principles. Discussion of the different versions of Satan, Lucifer and the Devil.

01:12:51 Alexis’ Luciferian practice and relationship with Satan and how it aligns with their exploration and practice of Judaism and their legacy as an ancestor.

01:21:00 Discussion of Lucifer’s Well, Alexis’ online Facebook community. Magic from a leftist inclusive point of view.

01:38:25 How you can support Alexis’ work and connect.


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