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What inspired me to make sacred relatives tarot?

When my Great Grandmother Brenda passed away 2 years ago, part of my healing process was throwing myself into gardening because flowers remind me of her and it was a way I could feel connected with her on the other side.

I’ve been in love with cartomancy (reading cards) since I was 12 years old. And I’ve been an animal and plant spirit communicator since I was born. They’ve been some of my greatest teachers. In our colonial society, humans often assume we are the most important members of society and the only sentient beings worth listening to.

My inspiration for this deck is to help others relate to plant spirits and animal relatives in the way I do…by developing a deep psychic relationship with the magic each sacred relative brings to the table.⁠ They have a lot to say and if we learn to listen and receive their medicine, I bet it could change our present situation a lot for all beings.⁠

I hope this deck will help you discover some of the ways our sacred relatives are communicating with you every day and provide comfort and clarity in your journey!⁠

Why should I back this deck?


People always ask me where they can find divination decks made by Black, Indigenous people of color, disabled folks, and Queer artists. There are some ah-mazing decks by marginalized folks out there, but we are so scarce, you’d really have to know where to look. We don’t occupy much space on the shelves of spiritual stores…yet. 

Perhaps one day soon, it will be easy for a young 12-year-old like I once was, to walk into a metaphysical shop and see people who look like them & share their life experiences, represented on the shelves. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be inspired to make their dreams come true too. #representationmatters #fortheculture


If you decide to back this deck, you are supporting a: Black, Indigenous, Chronically Ill, Disabled, Queer, 2Spirit creator & small business. My work is dedicated to using my psychic abilities and ancestral magic to provide crowdsourced, mutual-aid scholarships to other marginalized folks who are interested in taking my virtual classes, receiving spiritual services, mentorship, and even tools for their spirituality, on Patreon.


This project also helps me have sustainable income while my disability and illnesses are unpredictable and generally considered degenerative. In addition to the witches of color scholarships, your support also brings me one step closer to my big goal of starting a wolf sanctuary!

the deck

  • This will be a 78-81 card tarot deck printed on Black Core Premium Plus 330gsm card stock with a gloss varnish. The Deck box will be a high-quality magnetic closure box with a low profile for easier storage and transportation. The size of the box will be approximately 3″x5″x2″ with a scratch-resistant soft matte finish.
If we meet our stretch goals we will include gold edging on all the cards, gold foil embellishments on the card backs and deck box. We also hope to include a printed guidebook if we hit our max goal and expedited shipping from the manufacturer.
We plan to print through PrintNinja, a highly reputable company that has produced many Kickstarter campaign projects to superb quality.
When you purchase the deck, you will receive a PDF Digital Guidebook to help you use and interpret your deck! All the decks will come with a black velour carrying pouch and a 3″ Actually Support Witches of Color Glitter Sticker.  All pledges include U.S. Priority Mail shipping with tracking.

updates as of february 2022 !

project updates from mētztli:

  • I've set a firm goal to have the artwork completed in 8 weeks! Mid-Aptril 2022
  • There are currently 25 cards left to complete and I am focusing on artwork from the Earth Suit at present.
  • The Major Arcana, Fire Suit and Water Suit are completed!
  • Production - The team is working on shipping out $25 Tier rewards over the next few weeks. Artwork is currently in the prep phase for being printed and all other rewards are currently in progress.
  • We hope to continue the full production of the deck during early summer 2022.
  • Follow the progress by following my stories on Instagram!

Reward tiers

When you decide on an amount to pledge towards the deck, you’ll also get really cool rewards. Rewards include things like stickers, art prints, a black velour deck bag, custom screen-printed altar cloth, Psychic Arts conjure oil for blessing your deck, limited edition Sacred Relatives spell candle (yet to be designed) and a custom resin “Tarot Card of the Day” altar display.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few things that will be available:

Stretch Goals

REACHED! $25,000 Kickstarter goal

REACHED! $30,000 - Gold Gilt Card Edges

REACHED! $31,000 - Gold Foil Embellishment on Cards

$32,000 - Gold Foil Embellishment on Deck Box

$37,000 - expedited shipping from manufacturer

$45,000 - Printed Booklet for all decks

Meet the creator


My name is Mētztli Alexandria, my pronouns are they/them. I am a Queer Black, Indigenous Person of Color who is neurodivergent, and a survivor living with chronic illness and CPTSD.
I’m also a Psychic Medium, Evolutionary Astrologer, Hoodoo Rootworker & radical Brujx. I come from a unique history of adversity, trauma, ancestral wounds and healing. My story is different from what you see in the spiritual mainstream, and so is my mission.
My life, and being of service as a spiritual worker is about helping others reclaim autonomy, agency of our psychic abilities, ancestral magic, and redefining healing and success for ourselves. I don’t believe everything “happens for a reason”, but I do believe we can channel purpose through whatever life throws our way…

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