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Are you ready to see things with crystal clarity?

Imagine if you could hear directly from your Spirit Guides, check-in with your Ancestors or peek at the intended path of your soul by consulting the cosmos. You can! The guidance you need for your journey is always right in front of you, I simply illuminate the energy before you so you can see it and choose your destiny.

Everyone has times where they feel like they might’ve strayed “off their path”, or aren’t seeing things clearly. Sometimes we reach a crossroads and aren’t sure which direction to go. It can be easy to over analyze things until your mind has gotten louder than your intuition. Or feel unsure how to get from where we are to where we want to be. These things happen to all of us. I’m here to help lift the fog that’s clouding your path so you can live your best life.

But what if a reading reveals something I don’t want to see?

Nothing that comes through in any reading is evil, scary or bad. I channel your Spirit Guides, entities whose job it is to uplift and support you. There’s nothing to fear about psychic or astrology readings, you’ll only receive messages that support your growth and highest expression. As a psychic I don’t have access to an imaginary book that contains your fate, it doesn’t exist. However, I can see the unseen and show you how to make informed choices. You have free will and personal choice, and as an ethical psychic medium I support your autonomy and sovereignty.

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How do I know which reading is right for me?

#1 ALWAYS listen to your gut. Follow your curiosity. There is no “wrong choice”, just pay attention to which option you’re drawn toward. If you’ve got lots of questions, or areas of life to cover, make sure you’ve booked an hour so we can get to everything you want. Your intuition brought you here because you’re ready to receive some needed information & guidance. Trust yourself.

Does a psychic reading still work if I’m not physically there with you?
Yes! 100% I’m connecting with your energy and your Spirit Guides, psychically. The information I get is accessed by channeling within the ether, your physical presence in not necessary. This is how I’ve been able to read for people all over the globe!
Will you be able to tell me exact times & dates of when something will happen?
I am NOT a fortune teller and I advise you to be cautious of anyone who says they can tell you these things. Time is a man-made concept, and the future is not predetermined. Everyone has free will & personal choice, therefore the future is always fluctuating as it unfolds. The best any good psychic can do is offer what’s like a “forecast” aka- a best energetic guess. But there is no way to know precise timing psychically, because all things are always subject to change.
How do I choose between a psychic reading & an astrology reading?
A psychic reading is great if you’d like to receive answers, guidance & support from your Spirit Guides. In these sessions we address your immediate desires, needs & well-being. Astrology readings are great for taking a look at the journey of your soul from a higher, broader perspective. You can gain a greater understanding of what you came here to do, learn & how to leverage the elements in your chart to be successful.
Will an email reading suffice? Or should I do a live reading?
An email reading is best if you’ve got a tighter budget, or you only need one question or issue addressed. If you’d like to ask multiple questions, cover more than one area of your life and receive deeper guidance from your Spirit Guides, a live reading might be best. But only you can know what’s best for you, listen to your gut. 🙂
Is there a difference between tarot readings and psychic readings?
There is a difference! Though, not in quality but in the type of approach and results. During a tarot reading I use cards for divination, they tell an energetic story which I interpret to share any guidance or insights the cards (and my psychic abilities) provide. Getting a live psychic reading is different in that I may or may not pull tarot cards for you, because the focus is on my channeling messages from your spirit guides, ancestors, passed on loved ones etc. Sometimes Spirit wants me to pull cards for you, and sometimes there’s no time to pull cards because the other side has so much to say! Both can provide powerful, healing and affirming guidance for your path. It’s just a matter of your preference.

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