Winter Solstice Candle *Seasonal Exclusive*

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Seasonal Candle *Exclusive* Only 100 made – available while supplies last!

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day and thus the longest night of the year, and it heralds the daylight hours growing longer again thereafter. It is also a day in which “Pagans” (aka “heathens”, or non-christians, like yours truly) see the light and the darkness being in perfect balance. Yule aka Winter Solstice, is the pre-christianity origin of X-Mas, which is why tradition includes bringing a tree indoors (a symbol of life, evergreen), decorated with treats for the fae, lights are strung in merriment, and yule logs are lit because they’re our reminder that with the “death of the sun” on this day, is also the “rebirth” and soon return of the sun’s light.

Rejoice in the death of this year, and the birth of the one to come. Let warmth & the light of your hearth bring you comfort amid the quiet hibernation of winter. Reflect on what you’d like to release from this year with the death of the sun, as well as what light you’d like to bring to life in the new year to come.

7 Day glass encased Winter Solstice candle features our new custom wooden wicks with double layer colors and double layers of fragrance. Each of these candles comes “fixed”, meaning your candle will be dressed with hand-crafted herbs, oils & other curios. All conjure products are sold as a curio only.

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