Via Con Dios Candle

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Whether you’re preparing for a transition to death or are honoring someone’s passage into the Spirit world, may the light of this candle illuminate their path and your heart while they make their way home.

This candle may serve as a reminder not only of your beloved departed but also as a symbol of the continuity of life. Matter cannot be created, nor destroyed, we simply move on to the great beyond to one day be reunited in perfect peace. Since their spirit is no longer bound by the limitations of physicality, please know that you can connect and communicate with them as you like. You do so every time you think of them, remember them, speak to them and LIVE for them.

The journey through the veil is blissful for them and oftentimes painful for those of us still here. May their memory bring you comfort and may you find peace in knowing that before you know it, you’ll be greeted by them when your transition comes.

Until then, what is remembered, lives. and lives on through you.

7 Day glass encased candle features our new custom wooden wicks with double layer colors of gold and white. All conjure products are sold as a curio only.

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