Spirit Seance Hoodoo Spell Kit

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A 14-day Hoodoo ritual spell kit handcrafted to help you contact the beloved dead from beyond the veil. No one is ever really gone, but on this side of the veil, the absence of their presence can be devastating. Communicating with the spirit world can be healing, bring closure, or highly useful in your conjure workings. No matter your reason, making the connection isn’t always easy and can be risky if done improperly. This spell kit has everything you’ll need to bridge the gap & lift the veil with the protection you need to be safe.

The spell kit includes:

  • a 7 day glass Spirit Seance candle
  • Invocation & Reverence herb & root blend packet
  • Invocation & Reverence bath crystals
  • Invocation & Reverence Conjure oil
  • 4 polished tigers eye stones
  • 7 blue 6″ taper candles
  • 1 metal star-shaped taper holder
  • Detailed ritual instructions written by Megan Alexandria on hard card stock

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