Psychic Self Care Spell Kit

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A 14-day Hoodoo ritual spell kit handcrafted to help you cleanse your energy, protect yourself from psychic vampirism and energy drains, and call your spirit back to you so that you may reintegrate with your Higher Self. Existing as an energetically sensitive, psychic or empathic person is a unique supernatural experience that requires self-care beyond mundane measures. And even if you aren’t particularly energetically in tune, energy accumulates like dust & can become layers of filth if we don’t tend to our spiritual hygiene.

The spell kit includes:

  • a 7 day (7 color layer) glass Psychic Self Care candle
  • Psychic Arts herb & root blend packet
  • Healing & Blessing bath crystals
  • Protection Hoodoo Conjure oil
  • 4 polished tigers eye stones
  • 4 white tea lights
  • 7 rainbow assortment 6″ taper candles
  • 1 metal star-shaped taper holder
  • Detailed ritual instructions written by Megan Alexandria on hard card stock

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