Protection Oil

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Now 4x the original size! New magickal elements & developments to its luxurious fragrance!

New and improved version is bigger, better than ever and now includes: a mini scorpion protection charm & and pouch, perfect for making mojo bags, pillow spells, or simply carrying it around with style! Add a glass dropper so you never waste a drop for only $2 more. (Dropper will not screw on, but the original top will.) Updated recipe includes real tigers eye stones and natural fragrances.

Protection conjure dressing oil is essential for any witch looking to keep evil at bay. This handcrafted, Rootworker curated oil was prepared on a Full Moon in a traditional Hoodoo manner in small ritual batches.

The oil contains a proprietary blend of herbs, minerals, roots & curios, created by Megan Alexandria. Ingredients chosen have properties to protect from the gaze of the evil eye, haters, the ill-will of other people and power structures, malevolent spirits & ill-fated conditions. It contains properties to create a strong shield to ward against negative forces.

In Hoodoo dressing oil is used to anoint objects of all sorts with your intentions and is most commonly used on spell candles, talismans and some folks even anoint themselves. Made with love, Asé & intention in Santa Rosa, CA.

All conjure products are sold as a curio and are intended for external use only.

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