Pendulums and Dowsing Online Class

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Pendulums and Dowsing is a single course for witches at every level who want to learn a foundational knowledge of working with Pendulums, Dowsing Rods, Y Rods and your own intuition! This class is an essential primer, in 3 HOURS of content it covers:

  • History Of Dowsing
  • Pendulums as an Extension of Your Intuition
  • Uses for Rods and Pendulums
  • Choosing a Pendulum
  • Getting Acquainted with Your Tool
  • Staying Out of Your Head
  • Practicing Deductive Logic
  • Storing and Cleansing Your Tool

+ Plus, you get: Downloadable guidebooks, group Q&A footage, homework exercises, hands-on learning & access to the exclusive interactive classroom group on Facebook! Also, grab a pendulum in the Revolutionary Mystic Shop!

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