Mercury Retrograde Candle

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When Mercury stations retrograde, it appears to move backward from our perspective on Earth & the internet world sets witches into panic, paranoia & unnecessary stress. All transits are meant for our evolution, so it’s up to us to utilize each as best we can.

Mercury rules: communication, technology, commerce, travel, speech, thought, inquiry, education, ideas, language, the news, information, plans, our brain & its mental processes, as well as our nervous system & sensory nerves.

When retrograde we are brought opportunities to: reassess, reevaluate, revisit, reassure, recalibrate, reconfigure & realign in those Mercurian areas of life.
I invite you to set a deliberate intention for the transit, what unfinished business, plans, projects & loose ends need your reflection? Play cosmic catch-up! Simply write your wish or prayer on 1 paper & place it beneath your candle. Pray over & charge your candle with your hands atop it, then light it.

7 Day glass encased candle features our new custom wooden wicks with double layer colors of blue and green. All conjure products are sold as a curio only.

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1 review for Mercury Retrograde Candle

  1. Robin

    I received this candle from the Candle of the Month subscription on the Revolutionary Mystic Patreon (which I can’t recommend enough, btw), and I’m still amazed how healing this past Mercury Retrograde was for me. There were lots of snags and hangups, as usual, but unlike most Mercury Retrograde periods (for me), there was also actual, significant progress on the issues that came up (some of which have gone unresolved for months/years)! I felt supported and like my efforts were given an extra magical boost, which made all the difference. I am definitely going to be buying this candle again!

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