Lupercalia Candle *Seasonal Exclusive*

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Seasonal Candle *Exclusive* Only 100 made – available while supplies last!

Lupercalia, a mysterious “pagan” (non-christian) holiday that’s been christ-washed & rebranded many times since pre-Roman history. The truth of the holiday can be found amongst the historic symbolism found in the celebrations of ancestors long ago. In origin, Lupercalia was a feast & celebration of the wolf goddess, sex, fertility & purification. At various times throughout history, Lupercalia’s story has been warped by patriarchs to celebrate & sanctify their problematic fantasies, behaviors & re-interpretations of the worst kind. Many argue that Lupercalia was stolen & rebranded into St. Valentine’s Day…which is also horrifically problematic.

So I invite you to instead celebrate your inner wolf goddexx, sexuality, passion, desire, fertility, creativity &/or purification February 14th-15th. Write a love letter, an erotic fantasy, or affirmation of your sexuality &/or creative power & place it beneath the candle. Let the ignition of the flame begin a celebration of unbridled pleasure, love & creation however fits your authenticity. Draw a love or milk bath, wear red & white, fuck in the name of the wolf goddess, etc! Pray over & charge your candle with your hands atop it, then light it.

7 Day glass encased Lupercalia candle features our new custom wooden wicks with double layer colors and double layers of fragrance. Each of these candles comes “fixed”, meaning your candle will be dressed with hand-crafted herbs, oils & other curios. All conjure products are sold as a curio only.

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