Justice In Court Candle

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7 Day glass encased Justice In Court candle. If the “fixed” option is selected, your candle will be dressed with corresponding hand-crafted herbs, oils & other curios. In a system that is designed to oppress the most vulnerable populations, justice is rarely served. This spell supports taking matters in your hands by leveraging your power toward a righteous, equitable and favorable outcome for any court case or legal matter. All conjure products are sold as a curio only.

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1 review for Justice In Court Candle

  1. LB (verified owner)

    I bought the not fixed version of this candle for a specific hearing that was coming up. I lit the candle the day before the hearing and had it going all day every day from there onward, blowing it out at night for safety. On the day after the hearing at exactly 5PM, the candle started making a persistent loud noise! It was safely burning but rattling and making such a racket at first I thought there was a rodent chewing in my house. Nope, it was the candle. Well the next day I learned the timing of the candle’s activity coincided with my ruling being submitted and guess what… it was in my favor! This candle 100% delivered on the outcome I needed for this hearing. I am so grateful and would highly recommend the Justice in Court Candle for anyone who needs it.

    • Megan Canter

      Wow! Congratulations on your favorable outcome at your hearing! Thank you for your support and for sharing this with us 😀

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