Intuition vs. Emotions Class

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Ever felt like, “is this my anxiety talking, or my intuition?”. You’re not alone! Everyone who’s aware of their intuition experiences this. The reason why so many struggle with this is because our neurology, emotional body and psychic phenomena are complex! Join Mētztli LIVE on 4.22.21 at 4:30pm PST, or catch the previously recorded live class replay, and learn all about how to navigate your emotions and intuition, but most importantly, how to tell the difference!

In this class, like most (if not, all) of Mētztli’s classes, they will help you understand the connections and differences between the science and metaphysics of it all. You will be given exercises to practice on your own time, homework for fun & development, a PDF of information covered in the class, and you’ll have unlimited access class and its virtual classroom Facebook group where you can always ask questions about the material!

Live classes are held on Zoom video and can last 2-4 hours over 1-2 sessions. We do occasionally need to reschedule sessions, but always accommodate our students. Mētztli cannot always operate on colonial timing due to various health limitations as a chronically ill & disabled person, so we greatly appreciate your flexibility. If you are in need of an ASL interpreter for a live class, please let us know and we will hire one.

You can also signup for our Patreon classes monthly subscription to attend this class (and future classes) at a more affordable rate – $59/month +plus you receive other discounts & great monthly benefits! Signup here

Limited class scholarships for Black, Indigenous & other folks of color are provided by our mutual aid scholarship fund crowdsourced by Patreon subscribers. If you’d like to be considered, email us! and we will set you up with a Zoom video interview with Mētztli as soon as we’re able.

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