Intuition and Intersectionality Online Class

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Intuition and Intersectionality is a 2-part course for awakening & deepening intuition by using an intersectional lens to heal our colonial wounds. This class is an essential primer, in 4 HOURS of content it covers:

  • What is Intersectionality?

  • What is Intuition really?

  • Awakening Intuition

  • How your intuition works

  • The real enemies of intuition

  • Most common biases

  • Most common psychic blocks

  • Identifying your intersections

  • Our colonial lens (sigh)

  • Colonial blocks into psychic breakthroughs

  • Reframing colonial thoughts

  • Banishing spiritual bypassing

  • Healing harm

  • Using the framework yourself

+ Plus, you get: Downloadable guidebooks, group Q&A footage, homework exercises, hands-on learning & access to the exclusive interactive classroom group on Facebook!

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