Hexing & Crossing Spell Blend

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Feeling Hex-y? Justice isn't often served in systems rooted in oppression. All witches, survivors & marginalized peoples reserve the right to respond to abuse, neglect & dehumanization with righteous anger. We have the power to rectify harm done unto us or others and defend ourselves. The spell blend contains properties to carry out destruction, intranquility, misfortune & justified karmic lessons upon your enemies & abusers as you intend. Unleash the wrath of your Ancestors with this *very* potent blend.

This spell blend was ritualistically prepared (as are all of our blends) in the Hoodoo tradition. However, this blend in particular is unique in that it was prepared in an old rural graveyard at dusk, under a Full Super Moon in Scorpio, during Scorpio season. The graveyard dust contained within (amongst many other ingredients) was properly collected & paid for in a traditional rootwork manner by Megan Alexandria. Fun fact: as I was finishing an incantation in the graveyard, thus closing out my spellwork and communication with the spirit world, a nearby church bell struck its chime for the hour. Totally unplanned.

The label on this candle is more discreet to allow privacy for practitioners, it can be found on the lid. This product is NOT meant for consumption or bodily contact (hence the included spoon) and all products are sold as a curio only.

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