Fuck The Police Candle

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7 Day glass encased Fuck The Police candle. This double-action, dual-color, red and black candle serves two intentions at once: fuck, bind, dismantle, abolish, defund, & destroy the police, while protecting the Black, Trans and other marginalized communities, their allies, organizers, protestors and ally organizations. If the “fixed” option is selected, your candle will be dressed with corresponding hand-crafted herbs, conjure oils & other curios to suit both intentions. Candles and all accoutrements are made in house, prepared in ritual and hand poured in Santa Rosa, CA at my home. All conjure products are sold as a curio only.

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7 reviews for Fuck The Police Candle

  1. melissa martinez

    this is powerful magic. and beautiful to boot. the label is a straight up piece of art. it’s my first candle from megan and i’m obsessed.

  2. Stephanie Dinges

    Exactly what I needed to focus my energy!

  3. Amanda

    I have purchased from Megan’s shop multiple times and an always satisfied with the results. The products are high quality, hand made, and full of potent magic. This candle is more than appropriate for working your own magic against the capitalist, racist forces that be. I encourage everyone to buy this product and work their own magic in solidarity with Megan and everyone else suffering at the hands of systemic injustices executed by police officers.

  4. Kandice

    Love this candle!!

  5. Meg

    There is something incredibly powerful behind this spell. I feel it when I pray over it each time I light it. It’s like this spell can fortify you on your path towards justice. Each time I light this candle on my alter, I set an intention to dismantle the status quo, and it energizes me to continue the arguably less magical (more exhausting) work of making phone calls, signing petitions, contacting local government. When I feel low and my energies are fading, when I feel overwhelmed by how much work there is to do, I feel the strength of the movement and it empowers me to continue this fight for good. Megan thank you for your magic, and thank you for sharing it with the world. This spell is both sacred and necessary.

  6. Raven

    This is a ritual object that is made with clear care and intention that was immediately felt upon receiving it. The bluntness of the message is a powerful reminder that we must not equivocate on our search for meaningful social change, both in our public actions and in our private rituals. This is a great tool for your ritual as you do both external AND internal work in dismantling harmful systems like white supremacy, totalitarian power, and the patriarchy.

  7. Naja

    I LOVE THIS CANDLE! I definitely will be buying from Megan again because let me telll you – that candle did its job in terms of protecting those of which I put in my petition before lighting. Protects my family members from the police and me from authorities of other calibers. This candle is a gift that keeps on giving 💪🏾 I definitely recommend this candle 💜💜🙌🏾🙌🏾 You will NOT be disappointed 💯

    • Megan Canter

      Thank you so much, Naja! I’m so glad the ancestors (and my candle) were able to protect you and your family from the police & other authorities. May you continue to be blessed in this way. Asé

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