Conjure Candle Magic Hoodoo Course

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Conjure Candle Magic is an EPIC 3 part course for witches at every level who seek kick off their journey with Hoodoo & candle magic mastery! This class is the best starting point, in over 9 HOURS of content it covers:

  • An introduction to Hoodoo & the culture
  • A brief History of Hoodoo
  • Appropriate cultural boundaries for white & non-Black people of color practitioners
  • Discovering folk magic within your ancestral lineage
  • Foundations & practices of Hoodoo candle spell work
  • About the crossroads, candles & the 2 types of candle work
  • How to use candles on the altar
  • How to dress candles
  • How to write candle petitions
  • How to fix an oil lamp for conjure
  • Candle divination techniques for your practice
  • Proper ritual disposal
  • Troubleshooting for candle divination

    + Plus, you get: Downloadable guidebooks, group Q&A footage, homework exercises, hands-on learning & access to the exclusive interactive classroom group on Facebook!

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