Communicate With Your Spirit Guides Class

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Communicating With Your Spirit Guides is a 2 part course for witches at every level who seek kick off their journey of understanding who your spirit guides are and how to communicate with them! This class is the best starting point, in almost 4 HOURS of content it covers:

  • Who are and aren’t Spirit Guides
  • The purposes Spirit Guides serve
  • How Spirit Guides show up in our lives
  • Who can work with Spirit Guides and do we all have them?
  • Optimum energy for Spirit Guide Communication
  • Vibration and Frequency for communication
  • Learn a communication exercise to access your Spirit Guides
  • Class discussion about tips and tricks for better communication
  • Class discussion about personal experiences with the exercise
  • How to build a relationship with your guides in the long run
  • + Plus, you get: Downloadable guidebooks, group Q&A footage, homework exercises, hands-on learning & access to the exclusive interactive classroom group on Facebook!
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