Banish Becky Candle

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7 Day glass encased Banish Becky candle. If the “fixed” option is selected, your candle will be dressed with corresponding hand-crafted herbs, oils & other curios. There are many varieties of Becky in the world, they all have one thing in common: unchecked, unpacked white privilege & no accountablility for the white woman violence they wield against Black, Indigenous people of color. This spell supports banishing the white gaze, and all manner of Becky’s who cause harm whether they mean to or not because the impact is always greater than intent. Send Becky packing so you can continue to rise blessed & unbothered.

$1 of each Banish Becky candle is donated to Catrice Jackson’s Harriet’s Dream Fundraiser. All conjure products are sold as a curio only.

Price does not include tax and shipping.

Photography by Shyeta Cherri

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