Animist Communication Spell Candle

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My Black & Indigenous Ancestors knew that everything in the world around us is in constant communication with us & that there’s no need to struggle to figure things out if we simply listen to our surroundings. In the modern colonial world, we simply aren’t taught to see & know in these ways. But at any time, you can choose to connect with our Sacred Relatives in their many forms, flora, fauna, crystals, stars, the wind, a nearby bird etc.

Slow down, be still, and tune in. What they say is valuable & can help bring us back into harmony & coexistence. Connect heart space to heart space, listen & speak from your throat space, find knowing & higher understanding from the crown portal atop your head. What does the world & beings around you say? Write it down, make note, no matter how absurd & then connect the dots as you receive clues & information. Give yourself space to be confident in your findings. Write out your intentions for communication & place them beneath your spell candle.

Pray over & charge your candle with your hands atop it, *then* light it. Continue your spell work & practical actions each lunation until desired results are achieved or
until you feel guided otherwise. Caution: Never leave burning candles unattended.

7 Day glass encased candle features our new custom wooden wicks with triple layer colors of Blue, Green and Purple. All conjure products are sold as a curio only.

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