Ancestors, Altars and Spirits Class

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Ancestors, Altars & Spirits is a 2 class course for witches at every level who seek to understand the significance of ancestor work, how to cultivate a relationship with their ancestors & work with them in your personal conjure practice and every day life! This class is an essential primer, in 4 HOURS of content it covers:

  • Introduction to Ancestor work
  • Why Ancestor work is important for all folks
  • How this journey is a spiritual activation in your path
  • About ancestral altars in Hoodoo
  • How to construct your Ancestor altar
  • Learn a Veneration Ceremony
  • Learn a Communication Ritual
  • How & why you might want to burn Ancestor money
  • About Spirit Houses
  • Working with Ancestors & Spirit Helpers
  • How to properly attain graveyard dirt
  • Learn about Ancestor/Graveyard spell work

+ Plus, you get: Downloadable guidebooks, group Q&A footage, homework exercises, hands-on learning & access to the exclusive interactive classroom group on Facebook!

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