In episode 07 Mētztli Alexandria is joined by featured guest, Dr. Jennifer Mullan Psy.D, a Queer Black Latinx clinical psychologist, speaker and writer focused on creating dialogue to address how mental health is affected by the trauma of oppression and systemic inequality particularly the well-being of Queer Indigenous Black Brown People of Color (QIBPOC). Mētztli and Dr. Mullan discuss the future of therapeutic spaces for Black and Brown folks, capitalism fatigue on social media platforms, honoring and accepting psychic experiences as valid within the therapeutic field and much more! Subscribe to our show on every major podcast listening platform.

00:02:07 We Meet Dr. Jennifer Mullan, talk about her childhood background, roots as an activist and organizer, and how that all comes together in the therapeutic realm. She also discusses connecting therapy, trauma, and oppression to spiritual ancestral ways of knowing.

00:06:34 Discussing shared Catholic backgrounds as well as “hidden” ancestral spiritual traditions in our families. Unpacking and healing the ways in which our ancestral ways have been buried by colonization and reclaiming them for our generation.

00:13:22 Growing up as “psychic kids” in a colonial setting and now being being able to be heard in ways that we weren’t as children. Being able to address psychic experiences with a therapist and the shift that is happening around that.

00:20:58 “Capitalism fatigue” and why sleeping and slowing down can feel scary due to generational trauma. Recognizing generational patterns of over-working and choosing your own care over self-sacrifice as a way to serve the collective community.

00:32:01 Honoring the days where “we just can’t.” Changing the idea of what colonized self-care looks like vs what rest really is. Rest is resistance.

00:36:40  Taking back and normalizing ancestral ways of connecting and communing with spirit and with the land.  Creating spaces for that to be shared and honored in the therapeutic setting.

00:45:19 Choosing friends and partners who can really embrace and encourage the fullness of your gifts and your being. Healing familial relationships that have been harmed due to ingrained anti-blackness and colonized oppression. 

00:57:19 Learning what channeling messages looks like from a decolonized lens. Healing connection to intuition through reviewing your psychic story as a healer. 

01:02:13 Coming into your own as an individual and a psychic healer and accepting that you are doing it in the way that is most authentic to you. 

01:09:35 Interviewing your therapist and what future Black and Brown therapeutic spaces might look like.

01:15:16 Moving through social media’s expectations as an oppressed person and how it denies your human experience. Dealing with feelings of “never enough-ness.”

01:25:04 Handling bullying, hate mail and resistance to your message and dealing with individuals attempting to derail you. Consent for holding space for someone and paying for labor.

01:32:32 People pleasing as a form of colonization. Consciously considering an intersectional perspective when coming to someone for advice or healing especially Black and Brown caretakers, healers, and organizers. 

1:36:46 Jennifer discusses calls to action for decolonizing therapy or decolonizing in a therapeutic way for black and brown folks and white allies.

1:48:02 How to connect with and support Dr. Mullan’s work @decolonizingtherapy 

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