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a subversive de-colonial spitiuality podcast for radical witches

Do you enjoy or benefit from my content? Have you received a reading from me that blew you away? Just want to elevate me? Pay reparations? Here’s a direct link to send some love & financial support.

Folks have always asked me since I began doing psychic readings online if they could tip me. Now I’ve made it easy for you. Marginalized witches, especially us Black Indigenous women of color need to be compensated for all the labor we do. Dominant culture needs to stop consuming our magic without equitable compensation, this is where you come in.

You tip your waitress, the bartender, taxi driver, the stripper politely listening to you share about your day… (I hope.) Why wouldn’t you tip your psychic? Rootworker? etc.

Your contribution here supports what I do, as well as my efforts to elevate other marginalized witches. Together we can create equity in the spiritual community, and change the cultural expectation; but it’s going to take more than just love & light… hence the tip jar 😉

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