So, you got your Revolutionary Mystic goodies in the mail (so many candles!), now what?!
That depends on you, your practice and relationship to spell work.

I provide you with some very general instructions on the back label of each candle spell, but they’re general for a reason. That reason is to leave room for your magick and sovereignty in its use. I’ve always loved (and still do) walking into candle shops and Botánicas of all sorts, and I tend to bee-line right to the candles. (I’m an Aries with a lot of fire in my chart) I love seeing all the variations of traditional spells used by different cultures everywhere I go, but as an intersectional practitioner not all of the spells have resonated with me.. especially when you look at the back label.

Why? Well, for starters I’m not Christian by any capacity (unless you count having been baptized Catholic when I was a baby, lol). The back label typically contains bible scripture or a prayer written in someone else’s words, from their dogma.

Most spell candles are a one-size-fits-all kind of situation and I’ve never been a one-size-fits-all kind of witch!

Thus, I created my own line with marginalized communities in mind, as I myself am a member of multiple. Anyway, you get the picture! So if you want more guidance than what’s provided on the back of the label, I realize not everyone is a Rootworker and am happy to help…with the caveat that this is one way, not the only way, even though my way is fairly traditional to Hoodoo you will see variances across different practitioners.

#1 question I get asked about my candles: “Can I buy and use these if I’m not Black? I don’t want to appropriate.” YES. Thank you for asking. In my opinion as a professional Black Indigenous Rootworker, you may so long as you do so respectfully. Meaning: Always buy Black Hoodoo. (Don’t know? Check! Ask!) Support Black Rootworkers and spell casters. And NEVER steal or capitalize off of our craft. That should save you from the wrath of my ancestors, in that regard.

But I digress… instructions! IF your candle is not fixed, you will need:

7 day glass candle

-an *approximately 5″x5″ square of paper or paper bag material (looks closer to skin and parchment, best if crinkled and then laid flat until it reaches a soft consistency)

a coffin nail or other pointy implement for candle carving

spell herbs & roots (or appropriate spices from your kitchen cupboard)

conjure dressing oil (or olive oil if you have none)

-lighter, matches, lighting stick or pyrokinesis

If your candle is already fixed for you (dressed with all the spell accoutrements) you will just need:

7 day glass candle

-an *approximately 5″x5″ square of paper or paper bag material (looks closer to skin and parchment, best if crinkled and then laid flat until it reaches a soft consistency)

-lighter, matches, lighting stick or pyrokinesis

BEFORE you begin, you will want to remove the protective film covering, rubber band from the outside, and paper insert from the inside of your candle. Then you’re going to want to follow the instructions on my DIY Candle Magick Tutorial HERE from a VVirtual Witch Walk I participated in, presented by Hype Priestess. It’s super easy, and I might even answer questions you may have in the video! If you have further questions, please feel free to leave a your question in the comments section and I’ll reply soon as I am able.

Happy Spellcasting, brujxs!
(P.S. if you’re a chronic candle spell caster like me, check out my candle of the month subscription on Patreon!)

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