Ever wondered if it’s okay to put a spell candle out so you can relight it later?

Curious if that makes your spell less effective? You’re not alone.

As a Hoodoo Rootworker I get asked these kinds of questions and more *all the time*. So I thought it might be nice to answer the questions I get asked about spell candles most often here so more folks can be in the know. 🙂

That being said, there is no one “right way” to do anything. Not even in witchcraft. Only traditions. However, these responses are my opinion as a professional conjurewomxn who has been doing candle magick for a *very* long time. So, say what ya want. Do what ya will. Here are my answers to y’alls most commonly asked questions:

Can I do a candle spell for someone else? Yes. Many Rootworkers like myself offer altar services where we set lights for other folks. You can choose to set lights for or upon someone else, and alternately I can also set lights for or upon someone for you. Most commonly these workings are healing, hexing, protection or other “influencing” spells.

Can I do a candle spell for more than one purpose? That depends. Yes and no. Some candles are “dual action” and are made to cover 2 types of energetic workings, ex: Abundance Abound is pink and green, meant to cover abundance of love and prosperity. So yes, with a dual-action candle you can have a dual-intention. However, you can’t do the same with a single action (single color) candle spell. Those are meant for a single purpose, ex: you wouldn’t light a Fiery Wall of Protection candle and expect it to cover protection *and* bringing you a new job. Instead you would do a separate candle for a new job, perhaps the Golden Opportunity candle or Booked & Blessed candle.

Can I do more than one candle spell at a time? Yes! You can do more than one spell working at a time. You can ask for love and money. Protection and to shut someone up. It is also very common to light one candle after another, ex: another Money Drawing candle after one finishes. Some folks work the same spell for great lengths of time to keep the mojo goin’. Whatever you need!

What if the candle I lit goes out? Don’t worry! This happens more often than you think! Re-light it, NBD! More often than not, this is just a foretelling sign of how your desired outcome will have a bumpy or stop & go start before it materializes.

What if the candle I lit keeps going out? Witches, it’s called “spell work” for a reason. You are meant to “work” your spells, meaning it’s not always a light it and walk away situation. Some spells require lots of working. That’s why folks choose to pay a Rootworker to set lights for them. I work from home and consistently check in on the spells on my altar in case they need working. When a candle goes out repeatedly, sometimes it’s due to another person working against you or some other malevolent force. Sometimes it’s due to your own resistance to your wish, or the amount of obstacles that must be overcome. And sometimes, it’s just because you left the ceiling fan on too high and science is a thing! No matter what it is, re-light the damn thing! Lol. If you really want to know why this is happening you can see if your candle results reveal why, do a reading yourself or consult a Rootworker in a reading.

What if the wick isn’t centered or too close to the glass? Again, this is no big deal. Wicks move and if it gets too near the glass, it can mark your candle glass with soot or the label with scorch marks. These are indicative of an unfavorable outcome or outside influence, which you don’t want… so this is where you simply take a fire safe object and move the wick.

Won’t messing with the candle affect the results? Yes, and that’s what you want, isn’t it?! We do spell work to influence energy and working your candle can ensure that it will achieve the outcome you intended. Don’t be afraid to work your spells, getting over this fear is part of embracing how doing magick empowers your autonomy.

What should I use to manipulate the wick or the spell ingredients? I tend to use a stainless steel butter knife or metal tongs to scoot the wick back toward the center. I also use these to remove any spell ingredients that get stuck to the wick.

Why does my candle make sizzling & popping noises? These sounds are an indication of spirits speaking through your candle flame. Stop, listen and tune in to what they’re saying. If you’re unsure, do or get a reading.

What if the flame is really low? Keep an eye on your candle in case the flame goes out. The low flame can indicate a slow beginning to the materialization of your spells results.

What if the flame is really tall? Dope! Burn baby, burn! (I’m an Aries, not sorry! Lol) Keep an eye on this candle for fire risk, be sure that nothing is within range of the flame or its radiating heat. Always a good idea to feel how far the heat radiates from your candle and assess the safety of its placement.

Can I leave the candle burning overnight? I cannot tell you to leave it burning, for legal liability reasons. Letting any fire burn unattended is a fire risk. Some people do leave candles burning overnight (especially Rootworkers) because they have a designated fire safe area for them to burn. Many folks find it beneficial to stand their candles inside of metal baking trays or other metal walled dishes regardless of how they burn their candles. Some even fill the trays with water or sand.

Should I let the candle burn while I’m not home? It is never 100% safe to leave a candle unattended.

Is it safe to let the candle burn until it finishes? That depends on whether or not you’ll be able to attend the candle for the duration of its burn.

Is it okay to blow out my candle? It’s not the end of the world if you blow out a candle, however, traditionally it’s not optimal to “blow out” your blessings.

Can I just re-light my candle? Or is there something else I need to do? You can simply re-light your candle and go about your business, or if your intuition tells you that there’s something more you’d like to do, you should probably listen to that. It’s not a bad idea to light it and say a prayer or thank your ancestors or the spirits you’ve petitioned for help.

What do I do with my candle spell remnants? This depends on your spell. Generally, it’s a good idea to clean the inside of a 7-day candle’s glass chamber and then recycle the glass.

What if the candle glass is completely black when the spell is complete? Unless this is a hexing or cursing spell where you could read the black soot as a *successful* marker for your working, this is an indication that you might need a reading to determine your next steps or that you may want to try this spell over again.

How do I know if more spell work is necessary? It is *rare* that it only takes 1 spell to achieve desired results, so don’t fret if the first one didn’t do it or do it enough. Lucky for you, I made a YouTube video where I share how you’ll know if it’s a good idea to do another spell.

How can I learn how to read my own candles? I have a 3 class/11+ hours long online course available in my shop, where I teach everything you need to know about Hoodoo candle magick, including how to read candles. You can check it out here.

I hope these responses ease your mind and satiate your curiosity! And if there’s something I missed, feel free to ask me questions in the comments.

XO Megan Alexandria

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