Dear White & Non-Black or Indigenous Folks:
We need to talk. Again.
I’m writing this open letter to y’all because I need to make something clear to my White and Non-Black or Indigenous followers. Your contributions to and compensations for my work as a Black Indigenous person of color are NOT YOUR FUCKING CHARITY.

As of now, I have exactly -$13.35 in my checking account. It’s Monday morning, not even 10am and I’ve already had 2 messages from White folks politely informing me that they need to take their “donations” to my work out of their budget because they need to trim down their debt, save for travel, vacations, or a lavish wedding etc. One person even asked me to remove them from my mail list so they won’t consume my work for free while they’re unable to make a contribution. (Read: they asked me to do more labor for them because they’re discontinuing their contribution to my work)

Y’all have got this all wrong. I feel disgusted and furious. And guess what? It’s not about the $5-$20 dollars a month I won’t be receiving from each of these people. I am disabled and that does cause me enormous stress when I can’t afford my bills or to pick up prescriptions etc, but I grew up poor and am fucking used to that. I know how to bust my ass to make it all happen, I know how to compromise my well-being to keep a roof over my head. Survival is a skill I learned as a young child.

The hurt that lies underneath my anger is at the harm you are causing, whether you realize it or are well-intended or not. Your contributions to BIPOC, whether or not you consume their energy, are an expectation of financial justice. If you do *not* have us in your budget as a necessity, alongside your rent, bills and food budget, you’re doing NOTHING to counteract the financial disparity we BIPOC live with because of your existence. You’re doing nothing to amend the financial injustices BIPOC face, and by doing so you inadvertently are perpetuating White Supremacy.

You are always either upholding or dismantling White Supremacy. -Rachel Cargle

So, think about it again. What’s really happening when you decide to retract your financial support from a BIPOC? Are you upholding or dismantling White Supremacy. Hint: You’re not dismantling. Dismantling takes actions that destruct the power dynamic of White Supremacy, retracting your financial support does not do that. It does the reverse. So then, no matter how virtuous your intentions are unfortunately you’re upholding White Supremacy. And in this case, you’re wielding it against me.

What’s in between the lines of y’all’s well-intended, “polite” messages is: “I’m choosing my privilege over your disparity. I would rather perpetuate harm for the sake of my desires, than make sacrifices to dismantle white supremacy and lessen the impact of the disparity you face because of my existence and actions.”

I’m pissed because White Supremacy is *so insidious* that many of you who contribute to my work see the transaction as charity, donation or otherwise optional, because if you choose to contribute that makes you a “good White person”. This is colonial thinking, this is perpetuating a hierarchy, and it’s classic “White Saviorism”. If you feel defensive right now, if you’re wondering if you do this, this most likely applies to you.

So let me make the expectation clear, if you consider yourself anti-racist, you need to do the anti-racist work. This is not optional. The work needs to happen by any means necessary. Whether you are rich or poor, sick or well, happy or sad. Anti-racism must come FIRST. Anti-racism must come BEFORE YOU.

Everyone wants to be anti-racist until it’s time to do the anti-racism work which requires:

  • Giving up your power and privileges
  • Giving up your resources
  • Making sacrifices (putting your body, life, opportunities & relationships on the line)
  • Discomfort
  • Soul excavation
  • Humiliation
  • Commitment to the work 24/7, 365
  • Continuous learning & listening
  • Respecting the authority of BIPOC
  • Constantly working to do better

A lot of folks aren’t going to like this, but I don’t care because I am not here to uphold White Supremacy, be likable or palatable to your internal bias. I’m a psychic and an educator, the truth is what I am beholden to. I’m a living ancestor that has had enough of y’all’s shit.

Y’all need to come correct. Even if it means you won’t have “extra” because you contribute so much to BIPOC. GOOD! Some of us have never had extra! Most of us are struggling to survive. Get humble and make a different choice than your ancestors did. Pay BIPOC for no reason at all, no reason other than you ought to. It’s the literal very least you can do.

So, you wanna be a feminist? Consider yourself intersectional? A true ally? Here’s how you can help make right:

  • Pay the BIPOC in your life (No BIPOC? You need to figure out why.)
  • Pay the BIPOC you consume the energy or content of (Social media, writers, speakers, podcasters etc)
  • Pay organizations that are run by BIPOC (i.e. The Loveland Foundation, Harriets Dream, Black Hammer, The Black Panther Party, NAACP, The Brown Berets or The Nap Ministry etc)
  • Buy Black
  • Buy Indigenous
  • Pay the tribe who’s ancestral land you reside on
  • Make sure you pay BIPOC with dark skin, who are fat, undocumented, trans, who you aren’t attracted to, disabled, sex-workers, mentally-ill, experiencing houselessness, struggling with drug addiction, are incarcerated, queer or otherwise carry multiple-marginalized identities (None in your proximity? FIX THAT)
  • Pay us without explanation or expecting praise
  • MAKE US PART OF YOUR BUDGET. More than feels easy or comfortable to you (see sacrifice^ above)

Now that I’ve made this clear, you need to do the work. Reading revolutionary words & reposting memes doesn’t equate to financial justice. Paying us does.

Here is where you can pay me (for my labor & just because):

I am not a charity. Your contributions aren’t donations. Paying me is your anti-racism work. Your rent is past due, settlers.

With love & ancestral fury,

Megan Alexandria

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