Metztli Alexandria

Black Indigenous Queer Anarcha Feminist

Hi, I’m Mētztli! I believe that making small changes over time creates bigger shifts that shape our future as a whole. This is how we can & will shift the paradigm together, as Revolutionary Mystics.

My Story

I was born and raised in the North Bay, California by a teen mom. I now live in Santa Rosa with my husband Dustin, our dogs Freyja, Ebony, and cats Malice and Zombie. I am a Queer Black Indigenous Woman in my 30’s, living with chronic illness and CPTSD.

I grew up fairly poor, in public housing and on government assistance. My young mother was the first to do many things (like get an education) in our family, she showed me how to forge your own path even when you don’t have examples to guide your way.

Never fitting the mold of dominant culture used to make me feel ashamed. I’ve always been a two-spirit (queer), multiracial, neurodivergent, rebellious punk rock aries with plutonian dark undertones, a nerd and psychic. I used to think there was something bad, broken, or wrong with me… but I was never meant to fit in. The only thing bad, broken, or wrong was the dominant culture’s narratives.

Which is why I’m here; to create a new narrative & make room for diversity in spiritual culture, to do my work as a mystic by helping others heal, find & forge their own path, elevating other marginalized people, and creating one small change at a time so we can shift worlds together.

My Values & Beliefs


I believe that autonomy over your life & what you define happiness, well-being & success to be are your birthright. Everyone deserves agency over their body, mind, spirit & path in life because nobody knows what you need better than you. As a psychic I will never tell you your future, rather I will always empower you to make informed choices so you can co-create your destiny.


I believe unity makes us stronger & greater change more accessible to all. I use this platform to speak from my marginalized experiences in solidarity with others who face the same hardships. I believe that access to spiritual services should be had by all, not just the privileged. In place of charity, I value horizontal mutual aid. My offerings are available to all through voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit.


As an intersectional feminist, womxnist & anarchist; I value creating inclusive spaces and equitable opportunities within my work because those of us with marginalized identities deserve access to spiritual resources regardless of the disparities and barriers dominant culture imposes on us. All of my spaces; physical, spiritual and online aspire to be as inclusive as possible & my inbox is welcoming of your feedback.

My Mission

To provide psychic readings, spiritual guidance & classes that support your sovereignty & evolutionary development. To illuminate your path with my intuitive abilities so that you can choose your destiny.

To use this platform to speak from experience as an advocate for intuitives & spiritual seekers who deviate from cultural norms, survivors of domestic abuse, chronic illness & neurodiversity.

It is my joy to use my spiritual gifts to facilitate clarity, practical guidance and promote your growth & individual sovereignty so that you may create your destiny with confidence. Working with you is part of my emergent strategy to create positive change; by healing ourselves we heal the wounds of our ancestors & by creating small changes over time we impact greater change for the whole.

updates as of february 2022 !

project updates from mētztli:

  • I've set a firm goal to have the artwork completed in 8 weeks! Mid-Aptril 2022
  • There are currently 25 cards left to complete and I am focusing on artwork from the Earth Suit at present.
  • The Major Arcana, Fire Suit and Water Suit are completed!
  • Production - The team is working on shipping out $25 Tier rewards over the next few weeks. Artwork is currently in the prep phase for being printed and all other rewards are currently in progress.
  • We hope to continue the full production of the deck during early summer 2022.
  • Follow the progress by following my stories on Instagram!

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