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You can never truly be off your path, but life can sometimes feel like it.

I provide you with psychic information & wisdom from your Spirit Guides so you can make informed decisions in life and consciously weave your own destiny. My job as a psychic is never to tell you your future, but instead to help you create one. The answers to your highest path are hidden in plain sight, I will help you see the unseen.

It can be tough to know the difference between intuition & fear…whether something was a sign from the Universe, or simply coincidence. Thinking about it enough can spin you in circles, leaving you feeling stuck & cutoff from intuition.

The good news is, getting a Psychic or Astrology reading can clear all the confusion & give you the clarity you need so you can live your best life!

What is a Psychic or Astrology reading?

A Psychic reading is where you get to ask your burning questions about life, check-in with your Spirit guides, and I use my Psychic abilities to show you unseen energy, and share all their helpful loving messages to support and guide you toward living your highest expression. It’s like getting to see a map of the current energy in your life as it stands now, so you can make choices that ultimately weave your destiny.

An Astrology reading is much the same, only I’m reading your Natal Chart which is a map of where every planet, zodiac constellation etc was the precise moment you were born. I divine this information to show you the journey of your soul, how to work with the planetary energies in your chart, clear karmic patterns & live a successful evolution in this life.

How do I know a reading is right for me?

A Psychic reading may be right for you if you have questions about your life, think you’ve been receiving “signs” but aren’t sure, or if you want to check in with your spirit team on the other side for extra guidance and reassurance.

An Astrology reading might be right for you if you have deeper questions about your life, like “What have I come here to do? Or learn? What’s my soul’s purpose? How can I break a karmic pattern?”.

Always listen to your gut. There’s nothing fear about getting a reading, no scary predictions of impending doom. Just clarity, support & connection with Spirit.

Connect with Spirit from anywhere

Email Tarot Reading

Ask one question & get answers, insight & guidance delivered directly to your inbox. This popular option is easy, fast & only $39.


Live Psychic Reading

Ask multiple questions or cover more than one areas of your life. Receive direct guidance from your Spirit guides. If you’re ready for a big change, healing or to reconnect with your magic, a live phone reading may be for you. Rootwork recommendations available during readings upon request. 30 minutes for $69 or 60 minutes for $129.

$69 or $129

Live Astrology Reading

Unlock the secrets of your Natal Chart. Learn about possible past lives & your soul’s intentions for the future. Discover how to work with the planetary energies in your chart so you can live your most successful life! Astrology readings are 60-75 minutes long on Zoom video chat & include the recording of your reading sent to your inbox for $149.


About Me

I am Mētztli Alexandria – a Psychic Medium, Evolutionary Astrologer & Hoodoo Rootworker. I offer remote readings and spiritual services, and have been helping thousands of happy clients all over the world since 2012.

I channel Spirit to help others find answers to life’s many questions, so they can begin healing, release blocks and receive the guidance they need to make their heart’s desires a fulfilled destiny. I also teach online classes where I show you how to develop your intuition, communicate with spirit guides, deepen your connection with their ancestors, and unleash your magic with Hoodoo witchcraft.

Revolutionary Mystic is my business, a global community & platform I use to disrupt mainstream spiritual norms with intersectional feminism and Black Indigenous wisdom. I create content I wish existed as a marginalized multiracial woman. A percentage of my proceeds go to a scholarship fund for Black Indigenous Womxn of Color & other marginalized folks in need to access to my readings & classes for free. I believe these offerings should not just be for those with socioeconomic privilege, so I’m changing that.

I’m a goofy, introverted paranormal nerd, obsessed with Ghost Adventures & Dead Files who aspires to also become a paranormal investigator and open a wolf sanctuary someday. (Yes, a real wolf sanctuary!) Currently I live with my husband Dustin, our three dogs Ebony, Freyja, and Ahsoka and two shady cats Malice and Zombie, in Santa Rosa, CA.

What people are saying

“Due to your reading and message from my guides, the woman that I met and the reason why I wanted a reading from you is now pregnant from me… Thank you for the messages you transported to me.”
Wilson Wolf

“Wow! Thank you! So much. This absolutely was the guidance and confidence boost I was seeking. I think it was meant to be for me to accidentally double pay & get a second reading. I’m so happy that happened. Thank you!!! Thank you!”
Stefani Dodson

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