In episode 05 Megan Alexandria is joined by featured guest, Lauren Leavell, a bi-racial Black femme *inclusive* fitness model, instructor, personal trainer and Instagram influencer @laurenleavellfitness. They discuss controversial hot topic “body positivity”, placing the emphasis on movement and feeling good instead of weight loss and “gains”, creating accessibility and safer spaces for Women of Color in fitness, and so much more!
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00:00:51 – We meet Lauren, talk about her identity, her focus on movement and not weights, and the desire to make her classes accessible to people who really need them. How living in a diverse place doesn’t mean that the people are integrated.

00:09:35 – The need to create spaces where Women of Color can workout comfortably without the pressures of fitness community’s expectations from their bodies. Figuring out how to take body privilege out of the workout we need.

00:20:29 – Why it’s important to actively seek out clients of Color by making our work accessible and friendly to the people who need them.

00:28:54 – How Lauren broke out of the traditional fitness mindset and found a new path for herself.

00:34:16 – Saving your energy for the important things, but also accepting that not every moment needs to be occupied with productive tasks. Remembering not to force your body to meet other people’s fitness standards. Try different things to find out what fits your body’s unique needs.

00:48:31 – The joy of seeing a body on instagram that looks like yours and how it helps you accept your natural shape.

00:55:33 – How survivors of domestic violence perceive the touches that are accepted as normal in fitness classes. Why asking permission to touch someone’s hair is still entitlement.

01:12:01 – The importance of having Women of Color touch our hair. Why we need the good touches to heal us of bad experiences. The trust and comfort that must be established so Black and Brown women can get the medical attention they need.

01:23:52 – Where can you find Lauren?

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