In episode 04 Megan Alexandria is joined by featured guest, Shavaughn Elle, a Black femme writer from Say it With Sex. They discuss all things sex magic and orgasmic witchery; from worshipping your sacred bits to casting erotic spells with poetry, the magical use of creational fluids and so much more!
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00:01:27 – Meet Shavaughn. She’s a spiritual practitioner who writes erotic stories and poetry, and “breathes life into thoughts and intentions through her words.”
00:05:23 – We find out how #sayitwithsex began. How understanding that sexual expression is often colored by past trauma, she started a movement that allows writers to connect sex and spirituality.
00:19:40 – Shavaugh and Megan discuss whether it’s best to stay grounded during sex or let the mind wander through time and space. They discuss the positives and negatives of both side, and what you can use to tether yourself to this realm.
00:28:03 – Genesis of Shavaughn’s ‘How to Heaux Properly Guide’, and how orgasm releases excess energy that doesn’t belong to you.
00:35:51 – What do we make of Yoni eggs? Shavaughn explains why she likes them but thinks it should be up to the discretion of the user. The right crystals with the right intentions can help you regain agency over your own body.
00:45:54 – Shavaughn tells us the secret to sex magic, and how to raise your vibrations during sex.
00:50:18 – Megan discusses spells and explains why birthing a child is not the only use of your sacred creational fluids.
00:55:53 – What got Shavaughn into sex magic? She discusses her discovery of sex, and the positivity of being a Heaux as a space of exploration. She also find that writing erotic poetry is her medium of release.
01:03:28 – Shavaughn channels through her writing. Her characters. When her characters speak, she writes uninterrupted. We discuss if this is another form of birthing or her connection with spirits from other lives.
01:16:45 – Megan finally asks Shavaughn what has brought her joy this week. Our guest speaks about back-to-back interviews and the joy of watching #sayitwithsex gain notoriety.
01:23:01 – Shavaughn lets us know where you can find her on the socials and how you can access her amazing content online!

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