Megan Alexandria is joined by featured guest, Jana Lynne Umipig, in episode 03 as they discuss anger as a spiritual compass and rage as part of the balance, JL’s work teaching Phillipina fighting arts to womxn in the Sacred Survival Sisterhood, living in honor of her Philippine ancestry, finding spiritual authenticity as spiritual professionals amidst the exploitive nature of capitalism, how to live in a relational way, collaborating in the pursuit of liberation and so much more!
Here’s where you can find JL, compensate her for her work and #actuallysupportwitchesofcolor
Instagram: @jlcreator
Facebook: Jana Lynne Umipig


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00:01:03 – Today’s guest Jana Lynne Umipig tells us about her Filipinx heritage, her ‘sex talk sessions’ that were inspired by a Hawaiian tradition, and why she focuses on teaching survival arts to women, queer, and non-binary folk.

00:09:04 – In Megan’s favorite segment – What’s Good? -Jana talks about how after many heartbreaks and betrayals, today all the relationships in her life are positive. Megan realizes that while she was creating a safe space through the podcast, she was also forming connections with wonderful like-minded people.

00:18:04 – Jana explains what Survival Art is, and why she doesn’t like to use the world ‘martial’ for indigenous fighting arts. We also discuss the need for safe spaces for women, especially Filipina women to learn these arts.

00:31:46 – We talk about the warrior rage inside us and how its presence guides us. Jana also points out the good ways of channelling this anger, especially into activism.

00:43:38 – Running a business from an anarchist approach. How women of color deserve to be paid for their work. Spiritual work isn’t a capitalist business. It’s reclamation work that asks for financial equity that’s been denied to women.

00:55:40 – The difficulty to know when to accept invitations to podcasts and panels, where we know our opinions would stand out. Jana talks about how hosts often don’t research her background and then look surprised at her stance. Megan wonders how many times these invitations are away to fill a diversity quota.

01:06:09 – Whom do we give permission to check us? How it’s extremely important to be accountable, so that our ego is kept in check.

01:08:34 – Jana talks about her strategies, her use of social media, the important of speaking up, and the power to change something in the world.

01:18:36 – As we close out this episode, Jana tells us where to find and support her work

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